Sibell Spumante Brut

The culture of wine in Puglia has ancient roots, dating back to 2000 BC when Phoenician traders landed in Puglia bringing new varieties and new farming techniques.
From these lands, especially from the area of Daunia, sub-region of Apulia, formerly know as the Capitanata and from the meeting of the white grapes (Falanghina and Bombino) the sparkling wine “Masseria nel Sole” born.



Bombino Bianco, Falanghina




Vino Spumante Brut


12,50% Vol.

“Masseria nel Sole” is sparkling wine produced with the classic method, a complex process that gives the product a good result. The main feature of this method is given by the fact that the fermentation takes place in the bottle, the same bottle that will end on the table of the final consumer.
Such care is needed to create a quality product, suitable to be served in special occasions and give us the best toast. In fact, thanks to the use of vines as Falanghina, with its full-bodied grapes and Bombino, which if used for winemaking, wines can give accurate thickness and durability, sparkling wine “Masseria nel Sole” gives to those who sip an intense moment of pleasure.

To enhance the characteristics of this great sparkling wine is recommended serving fresh in glasses flute that tahnks to thin and elongated shank allow to grasp it from the bottom so as not heat the alcohol inside.
This glass also helps the effervescence of the bubbles due to its elongated shape and the small opening, which concentrates the flavors and aromas of the wine.

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