How we started

The farm since 1979, and for at least two decades, has been run by Bruno Pitta, who has dedicated himself throughout this period to the production of what were the traditional cultures of our land, wheat and oil. With the entry in the company of Gianni, the eldest son of Bruno, the production was followed by the processing and marketing with a registered trade mark which is Masseria nel Sole farm. Daunia is a land of DOP Cacc’e Mmitte Lucera. For this reason, in wanting to expand our production with other products, we could not think of wine, and so we have planted different varieties of vines and created our own cellar.

The family

Amalia, Bruno, Gianni, Pina, Valeria, a family with a passion for nature, the soil and for its own territory; a familiar team where everyone has contributed and contributes with their passions and skills. The strong entrepreneurial attitudes Bruno, always looking for new ideas and business horizons, to which they join the love and passion for the vineyard and the wines of Valeria, sommelier and winemaker of the cellar. Gianni’s artistic talent helps to cure the image and communication of the entire farm, while Pina deals with aspects of the accommodation and B&B, and is attentive to administrative matters that are the basis of every business activity. All in all a close-knit family, who accepted the challenge of doing business in its own territory, turning a look beyond your horizon.

The Philosophy

Grow in a natural way, with love, for the sake and for the soul.

100% Organic

In our personal concept of land, nature there is in the first place. For this reason more than 10 years the farm is certified organic, and all its products, including wine, reflect these characteristics.


All cultivation procedures and processing of our products follow very strict disciplinary certified organic by the ICEA certifying. The small size of the farm allows us to apply to manual methods, and daily tracking of the production and the level of welfare of our crops.


Our corporate vision is aimed at the production of excellence, and if nature does not help us, we give up the transformation of our agricultural products, without interfering with artifices that could compromise the quality of the products.

The production of oil and wine is very limited, and represents a niche of excellence in our country.



Masseria Purchase

Amalia Bevilacqua buys the farm, and Mr. Bruno Pitta in the next 10 years out work of implementing it restructuring in order to make it hospitable and welcoming.



Organic certification

After 10 years, the agricultural activity to date simply tied to the passion of Mr. Bruno Pitta becomes part of the core business of the family businesses. The family of Pitta activities related to energy production from renewable sources, encourage Mr. Pitta to start the organic certification process of the company, which is recognized over the next three years.



Birth of the brand

Born the Masseria nel Sole mark and the transformation of olive oil organic branded Masseria nel Sole. It planted the vineyard, starting in fact the future of the wine production.



New prospectives

In 2013 was built the winery and at the same farm implements its production and transformation with new products such as canned tomatoes, tomato puree, organic pasta, and plans new investments with the purchase of other land, always destined to organic farming.


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